$MBS is the native utility and cross gaming token of the UNKJD universe.



Rewards are accumulated from all of the universe in-game stores and distributed as rewards to eligible participants.

Buy energy, ballers and other game items using $MBS in the game store.

$MBS holders gain discounts and VIP access to special game items, tournaments and game modes

Win $MBS in tournaments and in special game modes

Locker Info

Inside LockerInside Locker

Lock your $MBS in a locker to receive rewards from all game stores.

This feature is coming soon.

UNKJD BallersUNKJD Ballers

Discover Ballers, the mystical creatures of UNKJD Universe.

Scout and build your team with these transferable collectibles, ready to compete in any sport across the UNKJD Games.

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